A chlorinated polymer promoted analogue co-donors for efficient ternary all-polymer solar cells


The efficient ternary all-polymer solar cells(PSCs) are designed and fabricated, using a polymer acceptor of NDP-V-C7 and analogue co-donors containing a chlorinated polymer PBCl T and classical PTB7-Th. PBCl T and PTB7-Th possess very similar chemical structure and matched energy levels to form the cascade of the co-donors. Meanwhile, benefiting from those analogous polymer structures, there is little influence of the morphology in blend film compared to their pristine polymer films. The binary PBCl T:NDP-V-C7 devices exhibit a high open-circuit voltage(Voc) due to the deep HOMO level of PBCl T. The Vocof all-PSCs could be finely manipulated by adjusting the content of PBCl T in blend film. The ternary all-PSCs have the more balanced charge mobility and prolonged carrier lifetime compared to the binary devices. The PBCl T also help improve the miscibility of ternary blend and suppress crystallization in films, bringing about favorable morphology with appropriate orientation and surface roughness in blend film. With the optimal processing, the champion ternary all-PSCs obtain a high PCE of 9.03%, which is about 10% enhancement compared to that of binary device. The results indicate that the ternary approach using analogue co-donors is a practical method to enhance the performance of all-PSCs.


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Results and discussion
  •   2.1 Chemical structures, optical and electrical proper-ties
  •   2.2 Photovoltaic performance
  •   2.3 Investigation of charge dynamics
  •   2.4 Thermodynamics analysis
  •   2.5 Morphology study
  • 3 Conclusions
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